Workforce Development Program

The workforce development program ended on January 1st 2021. Seeing as the first launch of the program was a success, it will be restructured and relaunched closer to the middle of the year. You can find all relevant information and updates on this page.

Together, the Ministry of Finance and the St. Maarten Development Fund have developed a great opportunity for learning and self-improvement, via the Workforce Development Program (W4D). The program offers free online courses until December 31, 2020 via the e-learning website Coursera. These courses range from high school to university level and are grouped in various packaged collections.

These courses are available to any resident of St. Maarten, including applicants of the SSRP’s Unemployment and Income Support programs. With 5000 available slots for residents, persons are encouraged to secure their spots early. For civil servants and employees of Government owned companies, a separate program has been created within the Government apparatus to allow for as many slots for the general public.

Though we are living through a pandemic, we are looking towards a future that centers around a vibrant economy led by a well-trained and informed population. This program offers valuable resources that will equip persons with the resources and tools to be independent and self-sufficient for years to come.

This time provides new prospects for those seeking to grow by investing in the talents and skills that will open new doors. We recognize the shifts brought on by the pandemic and seek to use this time to adapt. We encourage everyone to take this same approach and maximize all opportunities as we Retrain, Regain and Recover.

Access Free Courses:

To access these free courses or to learn more about the program, simply email a copy of your St. Maarten issued ID to